Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Should non-resident workers be granted minimum wage?

Sen. Surangel Whipps proposed a bill last month that seeks to require employers to pay the minimum $2.50 to non-resident employees. This would only apply to bussiness employees since farmers, fishermen, and domestic helpers and employees of non-profit organizations and businesses that earns less than $50K are exempted. Sen. Whipps explains that if this bill passes, employers would hire more Palauans since it would be expensive to hire non-residents (granted that they have to provide them a place to live.) Whipps claims that there would be great economic advantages to the employees, the businesses, and to our country.

So what do you all think about this? Consider what it could do to the unemployment rate as well as aggregate spending. And also consider the social signifigance of this bill if it ever passes (race and equality.)

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Anonymous said...

I think we should minimize the number of non-resident workers all together. I'm not racist or prejudiced against these people but it is my firm belief that they are adding to the economic strain of our Island.
They work and get paid and send their earnings home (wherever that may be). The money that they make does not go back into the economy and this hurts the cash flow of the Island.
I realize that these people are from countries that Palau most likely owes money to but maybe if we put a bar on their numbers, we wouldn't need to be borrowing so much money all of the time.